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Last Cast of the Year: 2016

Thus concludes the year 2016.  Perhaps you’re planning on getting out one more time before the calendar actually changes, or maybe your last trip out was good enough to end the year  on a high note. Regardless, you can only get .0028% value out of your fishing license.

You can get also get some mileage out of watching college football, planning what resolutions to make, and reading fly fishing websites.

That last suggestion is a pretty good one, if you ask me.  And say you were willing to take my advice. Where would you even begin reading?

Well, I have procured proven pieces of piscatorial publishing for you. Three, in fact. The three most-read articles posted on Casting Across. So go ahead, ring in the new year by joining the throngs of other like-minded fly fishers and see what thousands have deemed the best of 2016.

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1. The Fly Shop on the Lake

By far the favorite article I’ve written, this was a labor of love that I was more than willing to undertake. Speaking to some real great men in fly fishing was a privilege, and it was great to hear stories of the heyday of the Pennsylvania limestoners. TCO has done some big things with the shop, and I’ve been able to see all their hard work come to fruition. Fly Shops are a passion of mine, and this particular location tops the list.

2. Fly Fishing is Trespassing

Certainly the provocative title steered quite a few people to this post. While there is a little bit of mischief involved, there is a lot more going on here than sneaking around. Some of the best fly fishing involves going past lines that from which we usually keep our distance. But the cast majority of them are figurative, and maybe even within ourselves. Sound too deep and/or introspective? Well, just pretend that it is about B&E.

3. Four Friendly Fixes for Fall Fly Fishing

Alliteration, tips, and lists: what else could you want in an article? As is often the case with Casting Across, I’m not out to try and revolutionize your technique. What is often necessary is a refocus that allows us to employ the skills that we already have. These four angling concepts aren’t mind-blowing, but  will definitely put you in a much better place to catch fish and have a better time on the river. Plus, an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of trout.


Happy New Year from Casting Across. I hope that  2017 brings plenty of good things – many of them being fish.

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