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Last Cast of the Week, 6/1/2018

Most Fridays on Casting Across are  devoted to other people’s contributions in the fly fishing community. Articles, pictures, social media accounts, videos, podcasts, products, and more will be featured on The Last Cast of the Week.

Today, I’m sharing items from Orvis, Tenkara USA, National Fly Fishing Championships / Bend News 21.

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Check out the links, along with my thoughts, below:


Orvis – Video: H3 “D” & “F”

I’m sure someone more fly fishing industry-savvy than myself knows the answer, but for the life of me I can’t understand why more companies aren’t doing what Orvis has done with their H3 rods. Not all casters are the same, and not all conditions are the same. Some fly fishers want a cutting-edge, top of the line fly rod with more finesse – others want power. Back in the day, Orvis did this with their numerical flex system. You could get a high-end rod with a 9.0 (fast), a 5.5 (medium), or something in between. This short video explains the differences between the D (distance) and F (finesse) models in the H3 series.

Tenkara USA – The Keeper

Recently, Tenkara USA got a patent for this genius little gadget. If you fish tenkara, you need one of these. I’ve seen all sorts of clever homemade line storage creations online. The Keeper does everything they do, only better. You can use The Keeper to hold two lines, a handful of flies, clip it to yourself or your pack, and – most importantly – be ready to fish in just seconds. I can’t say it enough: for $12, you’re going to be a happy (tenkara) camper.

National Fly Fishing Championships – Bend, OR

Personally, I don’t follow any competitive fly fishing circuits, teams, etc. However, it is good to kind of keep a finger on the pulse of what is happening throughout the fly fishing world. This weekend, in Bend, Oregon, is the National Fly Fishing Championships. The link above has a news clip from a local television station that features a number of competitors. Flies, techniques, and gear that have become commonplace in recent years have spun out of competitive fly fishing. If for that reason alone, it is worth checking in on that side of the culture now and again.


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