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Last Cast of the Week, 4/13/2018

Most Fridays on Casting Across are  devoted to other people’s contributions in the fly fishing community. Articles, pictures, social media accounts, videos, podcasts, products, and more will be featured on The Last Cast of the Week.

Today, I’m sharing items from  Tenkara USA,  Trident Fly Fishing, & RepYourWater/Hank Patterson.

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Check out the links, along with my thoughts, below:


Tenkara USA – Hane

Say what you want about tenkara (I think I’ve used that lead nearly every time I’ve written about it…), it works. It isn’t going to  replace your 9′ 5-weight and it isn’t for everyone, but it has its place. My Tenkara USA Iwana rides shotgun, all rigged up. In those ten minute intervals between meetings or during errands, I catch panfish, bass, and trout without having to mess with traditional gear. It also easily straps on my hiking pack.  The Hane is a great addition to the Tenkara USA lineup. It gets smaller than most tenkara rods, and is built to handle any conditions you might run across while on the go. And for $150? It should be an easy decision to have it accompany you wherever you’re headed.

Trident Fly Fishing – 8-Weight Reel Shootout

Do you need a new saltwater reel? If you get on social media, it looks like they all do great jobs at helping anglers land big saltwater fish. On top of that, they all look good doing it. But which one is the best? Gear shootouts aren’t a new thing. But Trident is really taking things to another level with this reel comparison. 37 different 8-weight reels go through a series of almost exclusively quantitative tests. Various elements of drag are tested, and considerations like cost and weight are taken into account. Where this Shootout really shines is in the data. They have their standards, but yours might differ. You can see the raw data and come to your own conclusions. Definitely take a look.


RepYourWater / Hank Patterson – CuttyRainBrown Vindication

Sure, there were more intricate April Fool’s jokes out there. But this one brought me the biggest smile. Plus, the photoshopped fish is kind of mesmerizing in an M.C. Escher kind of way… Click the link to head over and check it out.


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