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Fly Fishing on Memorial Day

Fly fishing is an inherently contemplative activity. Although we frequently think about what we are doing, as the intricacies of pursuing fish demand such focus, there is ample time for our minds to wander.

Personally, I believe that there are some things to ponder that are more valuable than others. That being said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with simply allowing yourself a few moments or hours thinking about “nothing.”

However, if you are fishing on Memorial Day I suggest at least a little bit of your time be spent contemplating the purpose of the holiday.

Remembering loved ones, acquaintances, or the unknown thousands who laid down their life for the freedoms we enjoy takes minimal effort but is certainly worthwhile.

I suppose a case could be made – drawing parallels between the freedom of flyfishing and the liberty realized in this country from their sacrifice. But it doesn’t even need to be that clear of a connection. Just remembering and memorializing is enough.

Happy Memorial Day.

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