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Fly Fishing Kickstarter: A New Species of Fly Box

Everyone is trying to build a better mousetrap. In fly fishing, it seems like fly boxes are the equivalent of mousetraps.

Think about how many different styles there are. Think about how many different materials, shapes, sizes, and mechanisms go into fly boxes. Then, think about how they are essentially all combined in different ways to produce dozens upon dozens of channels for storing your flies.

Like most fly fishers, I like gear. “Stuff” is an integral part of angling and other outdoor pursuits. New mousetraps have different levels of excitement and hype around them, and fly boxes – as mundane as they are – generate varying degrees of buzz.

This past week, I came across Ripplebox. It is the latest fly box concept to come onto the scene, and it is being funded through crowd sourcing giant Kickstarter. From my perspective, you’ve got two interesting components going on with Ripplebox:

  • It is one more fly fishing product that is being promoted and funded through crowd sourcing.
  • It is a variation on a fly box theme – the question is if the variation is good or different enough to make it ¬†the next new thing.

So how does it fare?

Regarding Kickstarter, I think it is a great way for up-and-coming ideas to enter the marketplace. Even initiatives that don’t hit their target can create the momentum needed to move a product into its next phase. Irrespective to that first, incredibly important facet, crowd sourcing and the unique advertising associated with it is very interesting.

Hopefully, Ripplebox does move into the next phase. Without touching a box with my own hands, the concept seems rock-solid. We know silicone is a superior medium for holding hooks. We like endless possibilities of designs that offer customization. We are fans of simple, thoughtful, and durable. Just from pictures, videos, and descriptions, Ripplebox checks all of those boxes.

Will it be the last fly box you buy? I doubt it. Will it fit a niche for everyone and inevitably make some anglers “best” list? Absolutely.

I like gear, but I also really like a good sales pitch. Seriously, check out the Kickstarter page that they have put together. Click around at the well-conceived designs and explanations. Consider how this box might be the better mousetrap for some people and some flies. Support them for a few dollars (pounds, actually) if you want to get the boxes made and into your pocket.  Encourage creativity, initiative, and the next thing.

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