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Fly Fishing Independence

There is no “right way” to celebrate Independence Day.

Red, white, and blue decor is good. Cookouts are good. Parades are good. Fireworks are good. Ceremonies, historical documentaries, and the day off work are all good.

Fly fishing on the 4th of July is good, too.

I don’t think I’m fabricating the sentiment held by some, the essence of which is this: some forms of civil holiday-observance aren’t proper. For example, having a hot dog roast on Memorial Day isn’t the right or respectful way to memorialize those who have given their life in service. If that is your conviction, fine. But I think that it can be both/and.

Furthermore I think that Independence Day should be free from all that. I think that you should do whatever you want  (within legal parameters) to appreciate the freedom that you have to do whatever you want in America. Of course, I’m going to apply that specifically to fly fishing.

Even with all of the problems that we have in the country – even with all of the problems that we have in the country specifically relating to our natural resources – we’ve still got quite the good thing going. Land, access, and opportunities abound.

Catch a fish, climb a mountain, and just enjoy our amazing  (and mostly free) America.

Happy Independence Day from Casting Across.

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