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Dark Before Light

Fly fishers can appreciate the  necessity of the darkness that comes before the light.

It allows for rest. We can regroup, recalibrate, and  renew ourselves for another day on the water.  The night prevents fishing, but provides these important things.

It allows for reflection. A bad day can be, to a certain extent, mitigated by the natural resetting of our 24-hour cycle. There is hope in knowing dawn brings new opportunities. Light and dark, evening and morning are integral parts of that.

It allows for relation. Even contemplating what wasn’t so optimal about yesterday – or today in contrast to the coming tomorrow can change everything.  It wasn’t ideal, but it set the stage for something better.

In a small way, this dichotomy can frame and impact fly fishing. In a much greater way, understanding this universal ebb and flow can  establish each one of us in our lives.

That is why we can call it  Good Friday. Have a great weekend, and a blessed Easter.

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