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Casting Across: Like, Share, <3

I don’t ask much of my readers. Aside from tolerating the occasional rant, sifting through language that may or may not be sarcastic, and dealing with an endless regression of in-site links, reading Casting Across is a relatively simple task.

I know that most writers say this, but I can assure you that I mean it. I am not writing for fame or fortune. I legitimately enjoy it, and hope that I am adding something to the culture of fly fishing.

Here is how that looks: It is very rewarding when something I have written sparks some dialogue online. Even more so, when I occasionally have the opportunity to do so in person. It is also very gratifying to know that someone is enjoying their experience of being out on the water a little bit more, and some sundry way, because of the site. It is only natural that this happens more when more people are reading.

So here is my request…

One simple favor…

It will only take a minute…

Send your checks and money orders, payable to Casting Across – just kidding.

Share an article that you like. Send a link to the website to your fishing buddies, Trout Unlimited chapter, or fly fishing-centric group on social media. Join the conversation online, and tag a friend.

This website and my writing would exist in a vacuum and still be a net positive. However, that isn’t the best possible result. There is more, there is something better, and it involves writing about the culture of fly fishing in the context of the culture offly fishing. That, of course, means people.

Thank you for reading Casting Across, and thank you for sharing it with the wider fly fishing world.


  1. Matthew,

    I feel you, mate.

    I too keep a blog. Flyover Country has been online since 2008, and I can honestly say it’s a labour of love—there is, at times, a fair bit of labour or at least time required to keep it going, and it’s completely non-commercial, so it must be love that keeps me at it. My wife and I are fair handy with a camera, and I have at least some facility with words, and I at least like to think our adventures are interesting. There’s a bit of fly-fishing, but also falconry, birds, squirrels, dragonflies, cactuses, etc. We’re based in Nebraska but also travel to Arizona, Louisiana, Maryland,,, Last November, we went to Ireland—Ireland!—and posted photos for weeks. I seem to have somewhere between twenty and forty regular readers, but some posts garner hundreds or even thousands of views. And yet I don’t think I’ve had a legitimate outside comment for well over a year. It can be discouraging, and if not for the counter I would have to assume that no one at all was out there reading. I honestly don’t think that would prevent me from posting, but still…

    So, thanks for your blog and for this post specifically. You do have an audience, and your efforts are appreciated, even if feedback is scant. Keep the faith, and keep up the good work. I’ll add Casting Across to my blogroll, for what it’s worth, and I’ll try to work in a specific mention if I can. Meanwhile, I’m at https://markgchurchill.blogspot.com/ if you care to have a butcher’s…


    Mark Farrell-Churchill

  2. Gary Emmert says:

    I found your site a few days ago. I don’t remember how : maybe it was due to this last post ! I have been working my way through the older posts, (obviously), and will continue . I enjoy your writing style and sense of humor . I did subscribe and do appreciate the amount of effort it takes to post 3 times a week. Impressive for a one man band!!
    I rarely comment on any of the blogs I read but couldn’t pass on this opportunity. I too will pass it on to my fishy friends.
    Be encouraged and keep up the good work !
    Keep a song in your heart and keep looking up.

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