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The Best Laid Plans of Trout and Flies

In my younger days, January 1st meant bothering a Walmart employee early in the morning. Groggy and in the malaise that only accompanies working on a holiday, whoever got summoned to the sporting goods desk was met by a much more enthusiastic young angler. Getting that fishing license on day 1 of 365 was an adventure and was also perceived as a real value. Cold mornings on the water coupled with various sleep-deprived shenanigans made for some memorable New Year’s.

I looked forward to the date. Big plans were made around this annual event. That was half the fun.

These days, I’ll get that fishing license online. I’ll sleep in on New Year’s Day. I’ll go fishing later in the month. At least I’ll plan on it.

Speaking of plans, here are some things that you can look forward to from Casting Across in 2018:

  • Some exciting industry items of note from stops at The Fly Fishing Show and other events
  • More stories of the people  in the fly fishing community
  • Content that isn’t just beginner-focused, but helpful for those working with new anglers
  • Trip recaps, product reviews, and technique
  • Moderately funny posts

All that to say, the best laid plans of trout and flies have the tendency to wash away as the months roll by. More than most, New Year’s resolutions are tricky to keep. Trust me. But we’ll see where it goes. Casting Across has had three posts a week since it’s inception, and if all goes well that will continue unhindered.

Thanks again for reading and following. I hope that your holiday season was great, and that you are ready for everything that is before you in 2018. Hopefully that includes a fish or two. Until that happens, enjoy planning for it.


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