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7 Fly Fishing Labor Day Facts

It is Labor Day. Everyone celebrates this delightful, national holiday; few understand its significance.

Aside from commonly being confused with Memorial Day, there is a lot of history wrapped up in the unofficial start of fall.

Moreover, it is significant to fly fishing. For example, did you know:

  • On Labor Day, there is always a mayfly hatch in the Western states – sometimes it is just very, very light.
  • On Labor Day, every fly shop that is open sells flies at the regular price.
  • On Labor Day, tailwater dams are always regulated so that the temperature at the bottom of the lake is consistent.
  • On Labor Day, brook trout always feed.
  • On Labor Day, the weather is usually just a little bit warmer or a little bit cooler than you would expect.
  • On Labor Day, every state is open to bass fishing (unless there are regulations that prohibit it). 
  • On Labor Day, you can always go fishing… but it might cause family drama when you are not at the annual cookout.

Have a great Labor Day, and tight lines/belts.


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