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A Bad Day at the Fly Shop

I was looking at reels for a long time. A long time. Across the counter, he couldn’t have been more than three feet away. Not once did he look away from the computer monitor. Now, I shouldn’t have been surprised. When I walked in, I didn’t get a “hello” or even a head nod. When …

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7 Fly Fishing Labor Day Facts

It is Labor Day. Everyone celebrates this delightful, national holiday; few understand its significance. Aside from commonly being confused with Memorial Day, there is a lot of history wrapped up in the unofficial start of fall. Moreover, it is significant to fly fishing. For example, did you know: On Labor Day, there is always a …

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Rusty Flybox: Stuff I Use

I use stuff and I write about the stuff that I use. That isn’t uncommon for outdoor writers, bloggers, and the like. What I don’t see as much (and I wish I did) is updates or follow-ups  regarding product reviews and/or previews. Today I’m sharing a quick updated word on two of the small but …

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