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3 Tips for Fly Fishing Suburbia

Do you live at the epicenter of some huge developer’s cul-de-sac dream? Are your hopes and aspirations of living like Thoreau flourishing amidst townhouses stretching as far as the eye can see? Is a pond built for the retention of rainwater/sprinkler water/flash flooding as the result of massive grading and paving projects the River Dove …

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The Fish of Your Labors

Ah, Labor Day. A time to eat meat, stop wearing white, and generally avoid contemplating the checkered past of our country when it comes to industry. For fly fishers, it is the real and present reminder that fall is around the corner. So long, hot days. Adios, leaving the trout (mostly) alone. For fly fishing …

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Last Cast of the Week, 9/2/2016

Most Fridays on Casting Across are  devoted to other people’s contributions in the fly fishing community. Articles, pictures, social media accounts, videos, podcasts, products, and more will be featured on The Last Cast of the Week. Today, I’m sharing items from The Missoulian, The Fly Shack, & In The Riffle. If you’d like to be …

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