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Last Cast of the Week, 5/6/2016

Although I doubt that it will ruffle many feathers or result in any fanfare, I’m making a change to the format of Casting Across. For the first six months of this site, I’ve published basically original content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I love to write, and the topics in and around fly fishing are …

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Under the Tuscan Trout, part 3

I’m always fascinated by the dynamic of same/different on the stream. One example is how I can be on a mountain trout stream anywhere in Appalachia, and there is going to be some geological similarities. But if my eyes wander up the banks, the foliage will be completely different north and south. Another is a …

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Kicking the Conservation Bucket

I never saw myself as the chain-yourself-to-a-bulldozer, repel-from-a-dam-to-paint-a-crack type. But I wasn’t totally disengaged from the environmental side of fly fishing. As a teenager I had been involved in some conservation. Stream clean ups, seminars, science fair projects – those sorts of things. So I was a little surprised at myself at what I did …

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