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Month: April 2016

Roads and Rivers

Mile 0  This afternoon I’ll be making the same drive I’ve been making for over six years. Down the east coast, from New England to Northern Virginia. It is the same drive in that the point of departure and the destination don’t change. However, there are virtually an infinite amount of ways to make the …

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You’ve Caught Mail: Looking at Fly Subscriptions

It was Cousin Eddie that so succinctly summed up the value of the jelly of the month club: “Clark, that is the gift that keeps giving throughout the entire year.” And while he was the only character in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation that was optimistic about the prospect of twelve months of jams delivered straight …

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Native or Wild: Words Mean Things

Wild or native? Native or wild? It is the they’re/there/their of fly fishing. “I caught some native browns from that pretty little spring creek in Montana the other week.” No, you didn’t. Unless “Montana” happens to be the name of some fancy European estate. “Look at the colors on this rainbow! The stripes on these …

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