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The Ballad of Sheetz

The angler rises early, and has not time to dally He requires food and fuel from a warm and trusty ally. Across the Mid Atlantic lay the perfect place for gas and eats Every fisherman worth his flies knows the Ballad of Sheetz.

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The Fly Fishing Authority

I love fly shops. In fact, the genesis of this website had a lot to do with my love of fly shops. But that story is for another day. The fly shop is the quintessential embodiment of fly fishing culture. Generally they are located near water that is productive enough to warrant a full-time local …

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My Top Fly Fishing Podcasts

Living in the greater Boston area, most places I have to drive to are relatively close to each other. As the crow flies. Travel time is a different story. The old cow paths and trade routes of the north shore turn a lot of destinations into “you-can’t-get-there-from-here” propositions. Thankfully there are numerous secondary routes to …

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Putting the ‘Tude in Solitude

There are a lot of tense moments on the stream. Seeing a trout rise, and hoping that it – like most trout – didn’t see you the moment after you saw it. Making a bad cast to a spot you know holds a fish, and gritting your teeth knowing you screwed up. Hearing crunching in …

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