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2 Years of Fly Fishing People, Places, & Things

Casting Across is two years old. For two years, there have been three posts a week covering all manner of fly fishing topics. Some technique, a few humorous anecdotes, and a handful of takes on the people, places, and things that make fly fishing culture what it is.

In reality, it is those people, places, and things that make “going fly fishing” a culture and not just a hobby. That is why I’ve been writing on Casting Across for two years. The conversations on the phone and on the water enrich the angling such that is a holistic and well-rounded part of life.

For a while I’ve been toying with the idea of getting rid of the advertisements on Casting Across. Then, a friend and industry member suggested the same. He thought I’d get more out of the streamlined look and that it would also reflect the unbiased opinions in the writing.  I agree. It took a few months to make it happen, but as the website hits it’s second anniversary, I’ve got something that exceeds the benefits of the old ads.

A new page is debuting on the site, and I’m calling it People, Places, & Things. This page   is a list of just that: the people, places, and things in fly fishing that I have come to truly enjoy. Furthermore, they all have supported Casting Across in one way or another. I highly recommend each, and encourage you to follow the links to find out more. The section headings take you to the corresponding website, and the bullet  point links refer you to past Casting Across posts featuring each company.

It is by no means a comprehensive catalog of the labels I’ve used or the folks that have helped me out over these past two years, but it is a start. It will grow and change, but it will always include a few words on why each entry is included. That matters to me, and I hope it shows.

So if you’re associated with a name on the list, thank you. If by some oversight or time constraint your company didn’t make it just yet, thank you. And if you’re someone who has been reading Casting Across for any length of time, thank you.

Here is to more years of writing, more new fly rods, more trout to hand, and less bad cups of coffee along the way.



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